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sox are something you put on your foot.

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Q: How did the name Chicago black Sox originate and what are sox?
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What are facts about Baltimore Black Sox?

There are no Baltimore Black Sox. There are Baltimore Oriels or Chicago White Sox!

In what year was the black sox formed?

There is and never was a formation of a Major League Baseball team called the "Black Sox". The "Black Sox" is just a disparaging nick-name that was given to the Chicago White Sox after supposedly "throwing" (losing purposely) the 1919 World Series. It is Known as the Black Sox scandal.

When were the Chicago White Sox the black Sox?

The White Sox were dubbed the Black Sox after the controversial claim that the White Sox "threw" (purposely lost) the 1919 World Series.

What are the release dates for The Chicago Code - 2011 Black Sox 1-11?

The Chicago Code - 2011 Black Sox 1-11 was released on: USA: 9 May 2011

What sport did the black sox play?

The Black Sox are a nickname of the 1919 Chicago White Sox. They were baseball players accused of taking bribes to throw the World Series.

Why were the Chicago white hawks called Chicago black hawks?

You mean white sox. Wrong sport

Why are the Chicago sox called White Sox?

The Chicago White Sox received their name after the white stockings that the players wore; in fact, in 190, the team shortened their name from White Stockings to White Sox, as the local newspapers had shortened it for headline-writing purposes.

Who were the Black Soxs?

The 1919 Chicago White Sox lost the World Series to the Reds. It was discovered shortly after that the Sox players threw the series away and betted on the games. 8 or 9 Sox players were banned for life from the game of baseball. It eventually became known as the Black Sox Scandal, hence the name Black Sox.

What team represented the National League in World Series in 1919 during Black Sox scandal?

The Cincinnati Reds beat the Chicago "Black Sox" in the 1919 World Series

What happened in the black sox scandal?

Members of the 1919 Chicago White Sox took money from gamblers to intentionally lose the World Series.

Where can you find information about Chicago Black Sox pitcher Art Johnson?

Baseball Hall of Fame

Who created the first White Sox logo?

Click on the 'Chicago White Sox' logo on this page to see the logos of the White Sox throughout their history.