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he was hit in the head with a volleyball. ironic, i know. but someone had it out for him i guess!

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Q: How did the inventor of volleyball die?
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When did the inventor of volleyball die?

The inventor of volleyball, William G. Morgan, passed away in 1942.

When did William G. Morgan die?

The inventor of volleyball passed away in 1942.

What was the occupation of the volleyball inventor?

Director of Physical Education at YMCA.

Who inventor is the volleyball?

William G. Morgan (a YMCA physical education director) created volleyball February 9th 1895 in Massachusetts.

When did Andrei Kuznetsov - volleyball - die?

Andrei Kuznetsov - volleyball - died in 1994.

When did Abdul Basith - volleyball - die?

Abdul Basith - volleyball - died in 1991.

What was William Morgan's title at the YMCA?

William Morgan, the inventor of volleyball, was the Director of Physical Education at the YMCA in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

When did John Ridley - inventor - die?

John Ridley - inventor - died in 1887.

When did George Brown - inventor - die?

George Brown - inventor - died in 1730.

When did Frank Lambert - inventor - die?

Frank Lambert - inventor - died in 1937.

When did Albert Schwarz - inventor - die?

Albert Schwarz - inventor - died in 1933.

When did George Washington - inventor - die?

George Washington - inventor - died in 1946.