How did the ice age people travel?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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People walked on the thick ices and were seeking to find shelter. There wasnt any advanced technology back then.

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Q: How did the ice age people travel?
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How did the indigenous people travel during the Ice Age?

Probably very slowly, mostly following migrating food sources.

Why did ice age people become extinct?

because of the ice age

Where there any people in the ice age?

Yes, the ice age people lived 35,000 years ago.

How do people travel on ice in Antarctica?


What caused humans to travel from one continent to another during the Ice Age?

Time travel had a big effect.

How many people survived the ice age?

Many millions of people survived the Ice Age. The Ice Age only affected Europe and North America. Lands further south were essentially unaffected.

Did ice age people have pets?

Although not viewed as pets Ice Age people did have animal companions usually the dogs/wolves of the tribe.

What age did people master fire?


What are the type of people in the ice age?


Did the people of the Ice Age have tribes?


Is it true that in ice age they eat people?

no it not

Why ice skating was invented?

i think because the people were bord and it was winter!!!