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Softball was created by Ben Javitz on Thanksgiving of 1887 after a football game. after all of the bets were paid off, a couple of men grabbed a few boxing gloves and the handle of a broom and with chalk drew a diamond on the indoor football feild. there they rolled up a pair of old sox and played the first softball game. Of course this was Javitz's idea. although some people think it was pro Baseball players that needed things to do in off season, that is not true! pros do have an off season but ar e always playing with a baseball! it

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Q: How did the game of softball get started?
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What is the background nature of the game softball?

The background nature of the game of softball started in 1887 in Chicago, Illinois. Softball was a variant of baseball that was played on a bigger field and with a bigger ball.

What is the development of Softball?

The development of softball includes when it was started in 1887. This game originated in the United States and the first game was played in Chicago, Illinois.

How did electricity change the game of softball?

Electricity changed the game of softball when women started using metal bats. When there is a lightning and thunder storm, a softball game is postponed so no one will get struck by lightning!

What is the background of the softball?

Softball developed as a younger version of baseball. Softball was started by elements of other sports of which were boating, boxing and football. A boating club, a boxing glove and a football game were key parts in the very first game of softball.

What year the softball game was invented?

1887 and it was 20 men who first started playing. George Hancock is considered to be the guy who started it all it was in Chicago and it wasn't called softball it was indoor baseball but it had all the rules that softball has.

Which gender started softball?

Men started softball. It first started as an indoor baseball league. After years it slowly progressed into women's softball, then women's fastpitch softball

Why did they invent softball?

softball was originally started as an easy baseball game. no gloves needed. it has turned into the equivalent to baseball. just with a bigger ball. most baseball players have trouble playing softball

Is softball a game or a sport?

Softball is both a game (a game of softball) and a sport (the popular sport of softball.

What is a explanation of softball?

There is no physical, logical explanation of the real game of softball, that's why we have this game of softball.

Why did soft ball start?

softball started because they had baseball. the boys didn't like the girls playing with them. so the girls decided to create a game like baseball. the ball they decided to use was bigger and it was softer. they called it "softball". they just wanted a game that they could enjoy with out being "yelled" at by the boys. it ended up being a more orginized game. that is how softball started.

How did softball start?

Started when a group of Harvard and Yale students were watching a football game in TV

Number of innings in a softball game?

There are 7 innings in a softball game

Is the word 'softball game' capitalized?

No, the term 'softball game' is not capitalized.

How did the game softball get exposed?

Softball started in Chicago on Thanksgiving day in 1887. From there popularity spread throughout the United States. Pretty soon it spread to the world as well.

Was Shawn Johnson in the celeberty softball game?

She did participate in the celebrity softball game.

Why the ball of baseball is hard why the game is called softball?

Baseball is not called softball. The game of softball is called softball because the ball used is softer than a baseball.

When was the game of softball actually called softball?


When softball invented?

Softball started in Chicago on Thanksgiving Day in the year 1887.

In softball which team bats first in a game?

The visiting team bats first in a softball game.

Which team bat first in a softball game?

The visiting team bats first in a softball game.

History of Softball in The Bahamas?

who develop the game of softball in the Bahamas

Was softball started by boys or girls?

A man, George Whitney, invented softball in 1887.

Where did softball get started?

In Chicago, IL.

Where did softball started?

Chicago, IL.

What age did Jenny Finch start to play softball?

Jennie started playing softball at the age of five, and started pitching at the age of eight.

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