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Q: How did the chiefs benefit from the 1900 Buganda agreement?
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What are the weakneses of the buganda agreement of 1900?

kabaka was given too much powers

What are the effects of buganda agreement 1900?

THE EFFECTS OF THE 1900 BUGANDA / Uganda AGREEMENT Affected the Land Tenure system of Uganda/buganda. The Kings and Chiefs and cultural heads become powerless and ceremonial. The boundaries of Buganda and Uganda were defined on the British grounds without consultations Introduced an exploitative tax system. Set the administrative units of Uganda under the queen, and equal to other colonies All revenues of and collected by cultural leaders were to benefit the administrative (central) government. Uganda and Buganda will be subjected to the laws of the queen. The Kings and Chiefs of Uganda were to be submissive to the queen in order to keep their positions, and the elected Kabaka was to be approved by the queen. The Kabaka was restricted to the appointment of only 3 officials under the approval of the Queen and their salary predetermined at £300 a year. The agreement set conditions for the operations of the Lukiko and other cultural councils. The Kings army shall be for the administration and the king shall not be allowed to possess or mobilize any men for the army, unless the administrators need men for the army. There are many more effects of the buganda agreement and these are not the only ones. JOB Okeng 2009: UCU.

What has the author Donald Anthony Low written?

Donald Anthony Low has written: 'Religion and society in Buganda, 1875-1900'

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