How did the chariots move?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: How did the chariots move?
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How do Egyptians chariots move?

They have some wheels under that thing you stand in and um you have 2 horses who pull the chariot and that's how chariots move.

What is the difference between war chariots and racing chariots?

War chariots have more armored protection than racing chariots

What do chariots represent prophetically?

Chariots, especially chariots of fire, represent the sun god.

Whes did did roman find chariots?

The Romans did not find chariots. They were one of the ancient civilisation which made chariots.

Why was the wheel invented?

To move around and to put on chariots and have horses or oxs move the chariots around. And it was invented because it was way easier than having a bunch of tree trunks rolling around and you having to keep on picking them up The wheel was invented because people realized it is easier to move heavy objects when something rounded (like logs) were put under it and they rolled it to its destination.

Is chariots of silver and copper a idiom?

No, "chariots of silver and copper" is not an idiom. It may be used literally to describe chariots made of silver and copper.

When did Chariots of the Dogs happen?

Chariots of the Dogs happened in 2008.

When was A Flight of Chariots created?

A Flight of Chariots was created in 1963.

When did Chariots of War happen?

Chariots of War happened in 2003.

When was The Chariots of the Lord created?

The Chariots of the Lord was created in 1914.

When did Chariots of Fire happen?

Chariots of Fire happened in 1924.

Why were Roman chariots made?

Roman chariots were made for various reasons. Racing chariots were made to race as a form of entertainment for the people, whereas military chariots were made to be used in battle. Some chariots were made for the emperors staff to travel in.