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Q: How did the boys play the schoolyard game of marbles?
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How do you play a game with marbles?

Well First you Take 2 Marbles Then you use Your hands to amek the marbles move from one end to another

What games did ancient Romans play with marbles?

The Romans played a game which was similar with our marbles game, but they used polished round nuts instead.

What games did the kids play on the goldfields?

A popular game at the goldfields was marbles.

What did kids play on the goldfields?

Boys played marbles, both boys and girls played egg in a cup and children of Chinese miners played mah jong.

How do Mexicans play marbles?

In Mexico, marbles is typically played by drawing a circle in the dirt or using a horseshoe stake as the target. Players take turns flicking their larger shooter marble into the circle to try to hit and knock out the smaller marbles. The player who knocks out the most marbles wins.

What are the rules of marbles?

Before you start the marbles tournament, you have to decide if you want the game to be a "keep it" game or not. If you want to play a "keep it" game, that means whoever wins gets all of the marbles that they knocked out. Now the rules of the game are simple: 1) Don't step in the ring. If you do, you are automatically disqualified. 2) Get all of the marbles out of the ring. 3) If you get marbles out of the ring on your turn, then you get to go another turn after yours. This keeps on happening if you keep getting marbles out of the ring. Those are the basic rules, but if you need more information, check out this website: [See related link "Marbles" below]

Why do boys play girls and girls play boys?

Sometime there are gay or then just like play the game

There once was a farmer who sat by the creek watching the little boys play with their marbles?

It's a variation of the song Sweet Violets. I too, am looking for this version. Something like "Watching the little boys play with their marbles and toys, when along came a lady who laid in the grass, when turned over she showed off her - rufflles & duffles & things of the glore....

What hobbies do spanish people have?

mostly playing with marbles. when they play marbles,the winner gets to keep all the marbles that have been used to play the game.

Where can you play girls or boys game?


Why are marbles round?

Because, its oftly hard to play marbles with cubes

Why girls cannot play the games boys play?

because they are ladies i think they havnot interest in boys game