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by throwing throwing javelins

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Q: How did the ancient Greeks train for the javelin throw?
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How did the Ancient Greeks train for the Olympics?

The ancient Greeks trained for the Olympics by running, wrestling and eating. These tasks were considered their full time job. Their whole purpose was to bring glory to their tribe or community.

How long did the ancient Greeks train before the Olympic games?

They train either trained for a long time, a normal amount of time or for a sort time. I forgot.

How long is a trip on the Javelin train from St Pancras to Stratford International Station?

The trip from St Pancras to Stratford International Station takes 6 minutes on the Javelin train.

Who came up with gymnastics?

It is thought that Ancient Greeks may have invented gymnastics in the 1500s. Traditionally, gymnasts would practice and train naked.

What movie is a loose remake of strangers on a train?

'Throw Momma from the Train' (1987).

What is the duration of Throw Momma from the Train?

The duration of Throw Momma from the Train is 1.47 hours.

Did the Greeks invent the train?

No, the Greeks did not invent the train. They knew of steam power, but lacked the advanced technology and the materials know-how needed to come up with a train.

When was Throw Momma from the Train created?

Throw Momma from the Train was created on 1987-12-11.

What do the Greeks still use from Ancient Greece?

The water mill, the aqueducts and the fountains. The same silver mines (washing tables and cisterns) Many streets Ancient philosophy, is still useful Many concepts and inventions are still used The greeks are known to have understood the power of steam, and imagined how it could be used to open doors for example, but never did. It is a puzzle why, having all the necessary technologies, the Greeks didn't invent the train.

Why is slavery important to ancient Greeks'?

it was important to ancient Greeks because slaves did most of their work -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Sparta, Slaves known as Helots (which accounted for appx. 90% of the population) maintained the state while the Spartans would train for war. Also, the Helots served as a source of fear to motivate the Spartans to train so that the slaves would not rebel. An interesting side note, about once every year, the Spartans would massacre Helots to remind them of their place.

How did the Greek carry materials over land?

The country of Greece has many modes of transportations. The Greeks have used camels to transport item in ancient history. More recently there is the use of buses, trams and the train.

Who invented goods train?

The Romans and Greeks did, about 2500 years ago.