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He survived cuz the casket is FIRE PROOF!!!

Answerthe casket got chopped up so the fire got inside too

but there's this thing called a trap door and what it does is it is hidden in the floor and when the casket is over it, the undertaker can sneak out... that's why you don't see the wheels of the casket...

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Q: How did the Undertaker survive being burned by Randy Orton in the casket match?
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When has Randy Orton beaten The Undertaker?

Randy Orton beat the Undertaker sometime in 2005 or 2006 in a casket match he threw him in and burnt the casket.

How does the undertaker escape the 2005 no mercy casket match between Randy Orton and cowboy bob orton?

i think that undertaker got out of the caket when they were burning the casket, because they moved the casket to a certain spot near the stage.

Is under taker died and this undertaker is fake?

No,the undertaker still is alive to this day he had ascaped when randy orton burned the casket with the Undertaker in it the was no bottom for the casket so Undertaker escaped so no undertaker did not die he is alive to this day.and anouther thing smackdown is not a killing show it is all fake!!!!!!!! **Although the wrestling may be all practiced or acted out for our entertainment, these wrestlers have to be in excellent shape to do this kind of work. They are pros and they do know how to wrestle. I give them a big thumbs up for being there to entertain us.

Has the undertaker ever lost a casket match?

Undertaker has lost a casket match because he lost one to YokozunaNo he hasent. He has won all of themyes he has lost to randy orton and was somehow killed and randy orton was named the legend killer

Could Randy Orton beat undertaker?

No because he is rank 15 and Undertaker is 11 Randy Orton's fights is 314 and Undertaker's is 511. so Undertaker is the strongest. Orton has beat the Undertaker.

Who is taller undertaker or Randy Orton?


Who is better Randy Orton or undertaker?

Undertaker is better because he beat Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 21

Did Randy Orton kill undertaker?

hell no undertaker is in smackdown brand and randy orton is in raw brand

Did Randy Orton ever beat undertaker?

yes. summerslam 2005 no mercy 2005(casket match) 2009 slammy awards

How did Randy Orton kill undertaker?

Undertaker isn't dead

Why did Randy Orton kill undertaker?

orton didnt kill the undertaker im very p****d about it i agree with Kane there will be vengeance

How did the Undertaker get out of the casket when Randy Orton lit it on fire at No Mercy?

It had a trap door, and was never in danger of burning alive. notice how Randy thumps the casket before hitting it with the axe. That was to make sure that the Deadman had gone before lighting it on fire. The same happened at the Royal Rumble against Shawn Michaels.

Will the undertaker ever return to the WWE?

yes he will vs. randy Orton at sommerslam No Undertaker has not said when he will return and he certainly will not be facing Orton

Is Randy Orton stronger then undertaker?


Is the undertaker stronger than Randy Orton?

(2010) yes the phenom the undertaker is stronger than the viper randy orton.

Did anyone kill undertaker?

yes,undertaker was killed by orton and kane -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No The Undertaker is still alive.

How did Randy Orton kill the undertaker?

He didn't kill him

Has Randy Orton ever defeated the Undertaker?


Who is undertaker face on WrestleMania 21?

Randy Orton

How many legends has Randy Orton killed?

The undertaker

Who is better Randy Orton on the Undertaker?

well this is an opinion question and I don't want to start a huge fight so I'll say both. (in my opinion the Undertaker, a few weeks ago the undertaker did hi famous pile-driver to randy orton)

What accomplishment did Randy Orton get?

Randy orton vs resurrected ministry of darkness the undertaker on may 4 2012

Hell in a cell 2010 results?

orton vs sheamus winner randy orton undertaker vs Kane winner undertaker john cena vs wade barret winner john cena

Did Randy Orton kill the undertaker?

No, the undertakers brother, kane, did.

Who will win a fight out of undertaker and Randy Orton?

Maybe Randy orton Because Him and Triple H were closest to ending his wrestlemania streak

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How did the Undertaker get out of the casket when Randy Orton lit it on fire at No Mercy?

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How does the undertaker escape the 2005 no mercy casket match between Randy Orton and cowboy bob orton?

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