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the spurs got their name from a spur as in the thing on the back of a cowboys boot since they are located in san antonio texas

An unusual business deal brought a marginal pro basketball team to San Antonio, Texas, and a "name the team" contest was held and "Spurs" won. The San Antonio Spurs became a reality when the wealthy owners of the Dallas Chapparals of the now defunct ABA unloaded them to a few San Antonio businessmen headed by Angelo Drossos. The deal was so tenuous that the first year the team was essentially rented... and only purchased at the end of the first year in San Antonio... a most unusual beginning for a team that would enter the NBA three years later... and win multiple NBA Championships. It's a great team name... short, spirited, and reflecting the Old West heritage of San Antonio, Texas... at least in SpurEd's opinion.

Sports teams usually get there names by what their city has to offer. Examples are: Orlando Magic (NBA)- Disney World, Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) ' Steel Town USA', and Houston Astros (MBL) NASA Space Center Headquarters. Unfortunately since a lot of teams are being relocated its hard do remember where there original hometown was. If you want to find out where some Modern day teams got there name from somewhere else go to Chris Creamer's Sports Logos.

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Q: How did the San Antonio Spurs get their name?
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