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Um .. Tremendously? you can answer that one yourself

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Q: How did the Olympics impact the life of Michael Phelps?
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Is Michael Phelps hot?

Absolutely not. Get a life.

What is a quick summary of Michael Phelps life?

he is fit

Was Michael Phelps father in his life as he grew up?


Michael Phelps' life as a child?

he had 2 live with adhd

Are Michael Phelps and Stephenie Rice dating?

They are about 10,000 miles away from each other 805 of the time. And so far, Michael Phelps has no love life.

Who were the most important people in Michael Phelps life?

His mom and his coach.

Did Michael Phelps have an contribution to society?

yes, he made my life much better!

How many medals did Michael Phelps all his life?

14 gold and 2 bronze

What are some things Michael Phelps had to over come in his life?

He had to overcome the divorce of his parents.

How did drugs impact Michael jacksons life?

They ended his life.

How many medals did Michael Phelps won in his life?

He's won eight so far.

How many gold medals did Michael Phelps win his entire life?

he won 71 medals in his hole life 51 gold.