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Q: How did the Oakland A's get their name?
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Where did Oakland get its name from?

Oakland Came From The Baseball Game The Oakland A's

What is the birth name of Dagmar Oakland?

Dagmar Oakland's birth name is Edna Andersen.

What is the birth name of Susan Oakland?

Susan Oakland's birth name is Suzanne Oksman.

What is the birth name of Vivien Oakland?

Vivien Oakland's birth name is Anderson, Vivian.

Does Oakland have a baseball team?

Yup! Oakland does have a baseball team, their name is the Oakland A's (Athletics).

What is the name of the Oakland Raiders mascot?

The Oakland Raiders don't have a mascot. The pirate is just the symbol, but it's not the mascot and it does not have a name.

Who is an Oakland Raiders player with six letters that begins with r?

name of Oakland raider player with 6 letters in his name?

Where did the Oakland Athletics get their name?

The Oakland Athletics' nickname of the "Athletics" originates from athletic clubs in the 19th century.

Is Oakland one of a state in Canada?

1. Canada does not have states. 2. There is no major municipality in Canada by the name of Oakland.

Where are the Oakland Hills located?

Oakland Hills is an informal name given to the neighborhoods in the eastern sides of Oakland, California. The residences found in Oakland Hills are at the cities highest elevation and are located on the Hayward Fault Zone.

Sports team name starting with A?

Oakland athletics

What NFL team has the name hostile attackers?

Oakland raiders