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The Clippers began play in the NBA as the Buffalo Braves in 1970. The Braves moved to San Diego in 1978. Sometimes when teams move to a new city they change their name. In this case, the team changed their name from the Braves to the Clippers to represent the boating and sailing that can be done off the coast of San Diego in the Pacific Ocean. The Clippers then moved to Los Angeles in 1984. Instead of changing their name, they kept Clippers as the nickname.

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Q: How did the LA Clippers get their name?
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Which team had their name first la lakers or la clippers?

The lakers used to be in minnosota and moved to LA after the clippers had started. So the clippers are first

What do LA lakers and clippers have in common?

they both have la in there name but from beside that nothing besides that clippers rule

How did the LA clippers get there name?

L A Clippers got their name from the types of ships that would traditionally port in LA. Clipper Ships.

Where do the LA Clippers play?

The La clippers play at staples center with the La lakers and La kings

What is the original name of the LA Clippers Basketball team?

Before the Los Angeles Clippers moved to LA in 1985, they were the San Diego Clippers from 1979-1984 and the Buffalo Braves between 1971-1978.

Do LA clippers have a mascot?


Where did the LA Clippers origanaly come from?

they were originaly in san diego and there is a clipper ship there but they moved to la so they stuck with the name

Why are the LA Clippers called by this name?

When they moved to San Diego they were named the clippers to represent the boating and sailing you can do off the coast of San Diego in the pacific ocean

Do the la clippers and lakers represent different parts of LA?


Did the la clippers have their basketball team before the la lakers?


Do the LA lakers share a stadium with the LA clippers?


Who is the l.a. clippers all-time leading scorer?

The LA Clippers is the same team that Buffalo Braves and San Diego Clippers with other city and name in the first case but is the same, so Randy Smith is the all time leading scorer with 12735 ponts like only the LA Clippers is Elton Brand with 9336

Where can someone find schedules for the LA Clippers online?

The schedules for the LA Clippers can be found online at their website, The Official Site of the Los Angeles Clippers. Schedules can also be found at StubHub

Where are the la clippers origanlly from?


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What team is the worst in the NBA?


Who is the owner of the LA Clippers?

Donald Sterling

Did the LA Clippers win a NBA final?


What is the worst team in the NBA?


Donald sterling should sell the la clippers?

Having been banned for life, Donald Sterling has no option but to sell the LA Clippers.

What is the LA Clippers' franchise record?

As of 2007: Los Angeles Clippers 952-1721 - .356 - 2673

When has la clippers won NBA championship?

The Los Angeles Clippers have never won an NBA Championship

What is the home arena of the LA Clippers?

Staples Center

What arena do the LA Clippers play in?

Staples Center

What is the LA clippers mascot?

They don't have an official mascot.