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they had a contest to see what the new team name would be when they moved up from Texas when they held the contest chiefs was the most popular so they chosse it

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Q: How did the Kansas City Chiefs get their name?
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What inspired the Kansas City Chiefs name?

The Chiefs name was derived from a poll held in the Kansas City area.

Why is the Kansas City football team the Chiefs?

When they moved to Kansas City, the mayor of Kansas City was nicknamed "The Chief" thus there name is the Kansas City Chiefs

What was the original name of the Kansas City Chiefs?

The Kansas City Chiefs began play in the American Football League as the Dallas Texans in 1960. They moved to Kansas City and became the Chiefs in 1963.

When was Kansas City Chiefs created?

Kansas City Chiefs was created in 1960.

What is the name of the stadium where the Kansas City Chiefs play?

The Kansas City stadium in which the Kansas City Chiefs usually play and practice is called Arrowhead Stadium and is located @ 1 Arrowhead Dr. Kansas City , Missouri

What is the name of the Kansas City Chiefs mascot?

KC Wolf

Where did the Kansas City Chiefs get their name?

Their old name was the Dallas Texans. But when they moved to Kansas City, their name was after the Mayor of Kansas City, who's nickname was "chief". Hope that helps

What is the Kansas City Chiefs mailing address?

Kansas City Chiefs Office 90817 907 Everett Ave, Kansas City

How did the chiefs get their name?

The Chiefs go their name from the mayor of Kansas City! his nicname was "chief" so they named the team after him.

What is the salary of a Kansas City Chiefs cheer leader?

salary of a kansas city chiefs cheerleader

What sports team name starts with a k?

Kansas Jayhawks, Kansas City Royals, Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas State Wildcats.

What is Stephanie's last name from the Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders?


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