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Bobcats, along with Charlotte Flight and Charlotte Dragons were the top three choices as voted by fans. The Charlotte Regional Sports Commission aided with the "Help Name The Team" effort that drew over 1,250 suggestions. The bobcat, an expert at survival according to the North Carolina Wildlife Commission, is athletic, fierce and an indigenous predator to the Carolinas.

Charlotte, already being home to the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League, made the cat-related name a natural choice for the area's new Basketball team.

There is also speculation as to whether or not the "Bob" in Bobcats is a further reference to Robert "Bob" Johnson, the original owner of the team.

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Q: How did the Charlotte Bobcats get their name?
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Where did the Charlotte bobcats come from?

The Charlotte Bobcats is an old name of the Charlotte Hornets. The Charlotte Hornets is a professional basketball team in North Carolina.

When were the Charlotte Bobcats created?

Charlotte Bobcats was created in 2004.

Does NC have a nba team?

yes , The charlotte Bobcats yes , The charlotte Bobcats Yes, the Charlotte Bobcats and they used to be the Charlotte Hornets until they moved to New Orleans.

What two teams is part owned by Michael Jordan?

It's not entirly owned by him, but it's the Charlotte Bobcats. He's the second largest shareholder after Bob Johnson.

Where do Charlotte bobcats play?

The Charlotte Bobcats play at the Time Warner Cable Arena for home games.

Where do the Charlotte Bobcats play?

In Charlotte, North Carolina at the Time Warner Cable Arena (formerly the Bobcats arena).

Where did the Charlotte bobcats play before Charlotte?

Washington bullets

How many games did the Charlotte Bobcats win in 2012?

For the 2011-2012 season, the Charlotte Bobcats had a 7-59 record.

What is the English meaning for the word ohaclCtstaBterob?

Charlotte Bobcats is the English meaning for the unscrambled name ohaclCtstaBterob.

Did the Bobcats come from a different city before Charlotte?

No, they were established in Charlotte.

Does Michael jeffrey Jordan own a basketball team now?

Michael Jordan has part ownership of the Charlotte Bobcats.

Has the charlotte bobcats ever won a championship?