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Their black kit

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Q: How did the All Blacks get they name from. When did All Blacks first start playing Rugby. How many players were playing Rugby.?
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How old was Dan Carter when he first started playing rugby?

Dan carter was 28 when he first started playing rugby.

What were the All Blacks team called when they first started playing rugby?

The Natives had originally been called New Zealand Maoris However, the first New Zealand representative rugby team to tour beyond Australia were called "The Natives", they played their first game in Britain on 3 October 1888. The team were not at that time fully represented as only 3 of 4 regions opted to put forward players.

Is England rugby the best rugby team?

Not accordidng to the IRB rankings whee they hold 6th position - The New Zealand All Blacks hold first.

Who has scored the most points for New Zealand in test rugby?

Andrew Mehrtens has scored the most points in test rugby for New Zealand. Playing at first five, between 1995 and 2004 Andrew accumulated 967 points from 70 tests for the All Blacks.

What are the 4 laws of rugby?

There are 12 laws . The first 4 are; The Ground The Ball Number of Players - Team Players clothing

Which rugby team is called the all blacks?

The New Zealand Rugby team is referred to as All Blacks. The first New Zealand team to be referred to as All Blacks was the 1905-1906 Original team when they toured France and Britain. The team was referred to as All Blacks due to the color of their uniforms, which was a black jersey with a silver fern and white knickerbockers.

What country will be playing first in the rugby world cup 2011?

Tonga and New Zealand will be playing in the first match.

Who was the first all black captain?

Because the team did not play their first test until 1905 in the UK and at this point were nicknamed "The all Blacks" the record for captancy only started at this point - The Captain of the very first all blacks match was .. Rugby Hall of Fame inductee Dave Gallaher.

Who played the all blacks in the first rugby world cup final?

France in 1987. New Zealand won 29-9

What is the average age of rugby players?

About 23 for your first game for club but around 25 for international game

When did japan start playing rugby?

The first recorded instance of rugby being played in Japan was in 1874 but it was formally introduced in 1899

What country invented rugby?

England it was first thought of in a school called rugby were a boy playing football chucked the football to his mate.