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Q: How did the 2012 Olympics help to improve the people in stratford?
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Were about in London is the 2012 Olympics?


What part of London is the 2012 Olympics in?

The London 2012 games will be in Stratford.

Which country is hosting the Olympics in 2012?

London in stratford

How will the 2012 Olympics effect Stratford?

The 2012 Olympics affect Stratford because of the high number of people that will visit the region. This means tourists locations may be packed while cost of certain things may also go up.

How will the 2012 Olympics affect Stratford in the future?

after th olympics they will keep westfields in the future

Why did they build Westfield in Stratford?

Because Stratford was where the 2012 Olympics was held and needed a attraction than the stadium itself.

What area of London has been refurbished for the Olympics?

East Londons Stratford's 200acr sight was refurbished for the 2012 London Olympics, please refer to 2012-summer-olympics

Where abouts in London where the Olympics held in 2012?

The London 2012 Olympic Games are held in the Olympic Stadium.

Where is the 2012 olympic site in London?

The 2012 Olympics will be held in the newly built London Olympic Stadium which is located on Marshgate Lane in Stratford, London.

Who many people sailed in the Olympics 2012?

380 athletes sailed in Olympics 2012.

How many people are expected to come to the London 2012 Olympics?

50,098 people are expected to come to the Olympics 2012

Why is the Olympics 2012 important for people that live in London?

because people that live in London . it is a big event for the to be holding the Olympics 2012