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yes it did!

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Q: How did table tennis get in the Olympic games?
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When did table tennis become an olympic event?

Table tennis became an Olympic event at the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul.

When was table tennis first in the olympic games?

It was in 1988 - in Seoul, South Korea - that table tennis first joined the Olympics and became an Olympic sport.

What is china's famous sport in youth olympic games?

Table Tennis.

Name 10 games in the olympic games?

football tennis vollyball marothon long jump tennis shooting swimming table tennis badminton

What games are on Mario and sonic at the Olympic games?

Table tennis, Basketball, Archery, Trampoline etc.

How long has table tennis been an Olympic sport?

Table tennis competition has been in the Summer Olympic Games since 1988. They now have both singles and doubles events for men and women.

Is table tennis played in the winter or summer Olympics?

Only in the Summer Olympic Games.

Is table tennis racquetball or badminton not an Olympic sport?

Table Tennis and Badminton are Olympic sports. Racquetball, however, is not.

Who is the table tennis olympic champion?

In 2012, Zhang Jike (CHN) won the gold medal in the London's Olympic Games

Is the olympic table tennis table smaller than 9 x 5?

Is an Olympic table tennis table smaller than a standard table tennis table? 2 of my friends are arguing about it please help me solve it.

What are the rules of table tennis in the Olympics?

The rules of table tennis used for the Olympic Games are the same as the table tennis rules used for all the other top International table tennis events. There are 15 basic rules plus many additional regulations.

How do you unlock dream table tennis on Mario and sonic at the olympic games?

win the satilette circuit

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