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Football and popularity.Soccer has been played in Europe for a very long time. As you know, football was first created in Great Britain. The game is unique because you primarily use your feet to play the game. This requires far more skill and coordination than most other sports where hands are used.

Football has spread around the world simply through the immense pleasure that children and adults alike have in playing the game.

Football is not only the most played sport in the world but also the most watched. Again this is due to the excitement and high skill levels of football. The game is always open and any team can regain possesion and attack at any stage.

Football is a term used by other sports around the world such as..Aussie rules football, Rugby football union and league American football and Gaelic football.

However only one true game of football exists and this is the one played with the foot and a ball, makes sense I guess.

Football has had many opponents in it's history. Mainly coaches and journalists of other sports who have become jealous of footballs popularity. However football continues to grow and dominate the sporting landscape.

Football wasn't first created in Great Britain.

Football was played in many countries in the world, since ancient times.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans played ball-games.

China played "kick ball" since around 200 BCE, it had rules as well.

But mainly they had a ball, which had to be kicked through an opening, into a net.

This was the earliest form of football for which there is evidence of.

The first football association was created in England, however.

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Q: How did soccer become popular?
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