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Q: How did salaries compare after privatization?
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How does athletes salaries compare?

Athletes will have salaries that are based on their talent and popularity. A very successful athlete will make much more than an average one.

What are the reasons for privatization in Pakistan?

what are the reasons for the privatization in Pakistan

What are the features of privatization in modern world business?

Features of privatization

What is Privatization and commercialisation?

what do you understand by the terms privatization and commercialization in nigeria

Is there a search site for comparing a counselor salary.?

I looked this up and there are different salaries for where a guidance counselor works. But a great site to compare the salaries is at>Jobsalaries I would check this site out.

What are the Motives of privatization?

privatization motives are the following : efficiency, receipts and the rationalism

What are the merits and demerits of privatization of VSNL?

merits and demerits of privatization of VSNL

How has privatization change the ejido system?

the privatization changed ejido by d

Who is the Minister of Privatization for Pakistan?

Mohammad Ishaq Dar is the Minister of Privatization for Pakistan.

How much does a business development officer make? provides a way to compare salaries for a given occupation in a particular area.

Main reasons for privatization?

One of the reasons for privatization is to ensure that a firm or organization gets better management. Privatization may also be one way to improve on profits.

What is the types of privatization?

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