How did rupp arena get its name?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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... The arena got its name from the very well known United Kingdom based coach, Adolph Rupp

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Q: How did rupp arena get its name?
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When was Rupp Arena created?

Rupp Arena was created in 1976.

What is Kentucky basketballs stadium name?

Rupp Arena which is located in Lexington,Kentucky

Is Glee coming to Rupp Arena?


When did Rupp arena open?


Which is bigger Rupp arena or KFC Yum Center?

Rupp arena holds more people than the yum center. But the yum center is nicer

What are the release dates for ESPN Road Trip - 2008 Rupp Arena Kentucky?

ESPN Road Trip - 2008 Rupp Arena Kentucky was released on: USA: 14 February 2010

What is the birth name of Jacques Rupp?

Jacques Rupp's birth name is Rupp, Jacques Wellington.

Where is Rupp Arena?

It is located at 432 West Vine Street in Lexington Kentucky.

Did bobby knight coach a game at rupp arena?

Not 100% sure, but I know never coached a game at Rupp Arena against the Kentucky Wildcats, possibly a tournament game or regular season neutral court game, but never as the Away team against Rupp's Home Team Kentucky Wildcats.

It is the home court for the NCAA men's basketball champion?

(Rupp Arena) Lexington, Ky

Is there beer in rupp arena?

No. Since it is a college facility, there is not allowed to be any beverages with alcohol in them.

What will the University of Kentucky's new basketball arena be called?

They are not even sure if it will be built. yes it will you liarr..and its gonna be called rupp arena jr.