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The striker from Brazil , called Ronaldo Lima is not dead he is playing his club football in Brazil.

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Q: How did ronaldo Brazil died?
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When did Ronaldo Lupo die?

Ronaldo Lupo died on August 18, 2005, in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.

Is ronaldo of Brazil converts to Islam?

Oh no Ronaldo of Brazil is not yet converted to Islam.

When did Ronaldo Boscoli die?

Ronaldo Boscoli died on November 18, 1994, in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil of cancer.

What Football team does Ronaldo of Brazil play for now?

Manchester Unitednot Manchester united, ronaldo of Brazil never has never played for man utd, ronaldo of Portugal has but he is now at real Madrid,ronaldo of Brazil now plays for corinthians in Brazil

Did Cristiano Ronaldo play for Brazil?

No not at all. As Christiano Ronaldo comes from Europe the country is Portugal, and not Brazil.

Does Ronaldo play for Algeria?

Ronaldo Lima played for Brazil and not algeria.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo from Brazil?

No. He is from Portugal.

What is ronaldo's number for Brazil?


Is ronaldo in in the Brazil wc squad 2010?

No Ronaldo is not in the Brazilian team anymore.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo a brazilian by birth?

No Christiano Ronaldo is not from Brazil at all. But he is from Portugal.

What is the team of ronaldo?

Ronaldo Fenomeno from Brazil played for Corinthians in Brazil but sadly he retired at 2011. If you meant Christiano Ronaldo from Portugal he currently plays for Real Madrid in Spain.

Who are the best players on Brazil?

Pele ronaldo

Who is richer zidane or ronaldo of Brazil?


Did Brazil's ronaldo play of Barcelona?

yes he did

Does Ronaldo Lima play for Brazil in Fifa?


Who will be the next ronaldo in Brazil?

L Fabiano

Who is better the ronaldo from Portugal or the one from Brazil?

i think that ronaldo from brazil is better than the one who comes from portugal. the brezilian one had such good shooting.

What is ronaldo delima's religion?

As Ronaldo De Lima comes from Brazil his religion is christian and he is a catholic.

What year did Ronaldo of Brazil play for the Corinthians?

He Ronaldo rejoined Corinthians inthe summer of 2010.

Ronaldo plays as a forward striker for both Brazil and Real Madrid?

Yes Ronaldo Lima played as a striker for both Brazil and real Madrid. But Christiano Ronaldo played for Real Madrid and Portugal.

Who was the best soccer player from Brazil?

Delima ronaldo

Did Cristiano Ronaldo play football for Brazil?

No, He is Portuguese.

Is Ronaldo Retired From International Brazil Team?

Not yet...

Who is famous that lives or comes from Brazil?

Garfield and Ronaldo

Was Cristiano Ronaldo born in Brazil?

No. He was born in Portugal.