How did ronaldinho became pro?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Ronaldinho's career began with the Gremio youth squad. He made his senior side debut during the 1998 coppa libertadores. In 2001, Arsenal expressed interest in signing Ronaldinho, but the move collapsed after he could not obtain a work permit because he was a non-European player who had not played enough international matches. He considered playing on loan with side Scottish Premier League St. Mirren, which never happened due to his involvement in a fake passport scandal in Brazil. In 2001, Ronaldinho signed a five-year contract with French side Paris Saint-Germain in a €5 million(£4,230,118.4433) transfer.

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dunga didnt want to take ronaldinho because he knew how bad he was doing and because of basically how old he was, ronaldinho doesnt run as fast as he could, if you watched any of his Milan games you notice other players easily catch up and take the ball from him, and he just plain out doesnt like ronaldinho, you can just see it in him

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buddy, I'm only 10 and i know ronaldinho did not and i mean did not quit soccer if you do not know that you don't know soccer!!!!!!!!

am gonna leave ure comment on cause ure rght

an d answer 2 the actul question iz NO

he wsnt playin in fifa 201 cause he dint gt picked

bt am sure he dint QUITE eaither!

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Q: How did ronaldinho became pro?
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