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QPR, Queens Park Rangers, were formed in 1882 when two clubs merged, St Judes and Christchurch Rangers. As the majority of the players were from the Queens Park area (About 2 miles north of their current home) they adopted Queens Park Rangers

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Q: How did qpr football club get its name?
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Which is the world's richest football club 2009?


Which football club plays at Loftus Road?

Queen's Park Rangers (QPR)

Is there an English football club beginning with q?

Yes. The club is called Queens Park Rangers or QPR

Who are the richest club in the world?


What is the only football league team in Britain which doesn't have any of the letters from the word 'football' in its name?

QPR! The only british team is Dundee QPR stands for Queens PArk RAngers

What is QPR?

QPR is the abbreviation of Queens Park Rangers Footbal Club based in London.

What is the richest football club in England?

I'm thinking QPR potentially have the most funds available - but correct me if I'm wrong.

What professional sports team nicknames begin with Q?

QPR for Queens Park Rangers, a professional football club in England

The richest club in England?

its actually qpr

What stands for QPR?

qpr stands for queens park rangers who are an English football team in the championship

What is name of Chelsea football club?

Chelsea Football Club is called Chelsea Football club.

What are the most high salary jobs in the world?

I think you only need to look at oil and steel company directors. Who owns Chelsea football club? Who has invested in QPR football club. If you do some research into my answer your question will also be answered.

What is the worlds best football team?

Man Utd + QPR

Where are the Queen Park Rangers based?

Queen Park Rangers football club (usually reffered to as QPR) is an English professional football club, based in White City, London. They are founded 1886 after the merger of Christchurch Rangers and St. Jude institute.

Which UK football club has the longest name?

Inverness Caledonian Thistle Football Club

Where does is Chelsea football club derives it name from?

The Chelsea football club gets its name from the place Chelsea in England.

Are Chelsea fc the best football team in the world?


Which football team plays there home games at loftus road?


How much money does queens park rangers football club have?

It is unsure how much QPR will be given to spend, but their 3 chairmen are worth $60m, $2b and $45b respectively.

What football team's name can you type using one key on your mobile phone?

QPR Commenly abbriaviated from Queens Park Rangers

What is cheering for football?

when you watch football and start screaming yeah go team ( eg chelsea,QPR....)

Are there any European football teams beginning with q?

Qpr,queen of the south,

What football teams begin with the letter q?

Queens Park Rangers (QPR)

What football team does Miranda Cosgrove support?

QPR - queens park rangers

What football club has a j in the name?