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they heard it on the news

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Q: How did people find out about the first Olympics?
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Why were the Olympics first held in Greece?

Because the people in Greece were the first to think up the idea of the Olympics.

Where did the Olympics find their roots?

The Olympics find their root in Ancient Greece were races were first held to honor the God of the Gods, Zeus and were later adopted as the Olympics.

Who were the first people that first took part in the Olympics?

The Greek.

What did people wear for the first Olympics?

no close

How did people find out about the Olympics in the ancient times?

In Greece they wanted entertainment so they made the Olympics

Who designed the first Olympics and where?

old people in greece

Who was the first people to do Olympics?

my teacher told me it was the Greecs

How many people were in the first weightlifting event in the Olympics?


How many people took part in the Olympics from the start?

six people took part in the ancient greek Olympics when it very first origionally started .

When did Germany first compete in the Olympics?

At the first Olympics in 1896.

When start the first Olympics?

the first olympics started in 1896

Where is the first Olympics held?

it was in the ancient greece the first olympics