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It's a divine charisma. A gift by God. He's a 100% natural talent.. Of course Barca's academies helped him to imrove in some parts of his playing..But above all it's his NATURAL TALENT. That makes the difference..

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MESSI is the best player now.Because of his skill and driblling.Winning the FIFA ballon d'or continously three times is not easy at the age of 25 and he has scored 242 goals which is the highest number of goals anyone has scored fos FCB. No one can ever take his place.So it is needless to say that he is the best and he will be the best.

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It was a goal that had commentators screaming and shouting, dragging out the cry of Gol! until their breath could hold no more, a strike that caused websites to crash and dominated television screens, a work of art that had journalists running out of superlatives. One newspaper incredulously posed the same question famously asked of Diego Maradona back in 1986: "What planet did you come from?"

It was not just that Barcelona's Argentine teenager, Lionel Messi, scored a goal of stunning beauty, it was also that he reproduced, almost second by second, touch by touch, Maradona's famous strike against England.

The two players, both left-footed, short, stocky and deceptively quick, traced virtually the same course across two of the world's most emblematic football fields - Maradona at Mexico City's Aztec Stadium, Messi at Barcelona's Nou Camp.

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Q: How did messi became the best player in the world?
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