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I believe that it's just a straight nautical tie between Skipper's -- the chief of boats -- and the fact the manager is chief of the team.

The Team itself can be considered his boat.... I don't know if there was a specific incident that led to the popularizeing of Skipepr being used to term a manager, but the comparison between Captains of boats and Managers of teams shoudl be pretty clear.

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Q: How did managers of a baseball team get the nickname Skipper?
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In baseball Why are coaches called skippers?

As the head of the team managers are called Skipper. Skipper is a nautical term used to address the captain of a ship. The manager is referred to as "skipper" as the captain of a ship, or the leader of a team.

Who is it that hires a baseball team manager?

The owner of the team usually hires the manager. Then the skipper reports directly to the owner or to the owner's representative.

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What is the nickname of boston's pro baseball team?

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Why is a cricket team captain called a skipper?

Yes the cricket captain is called a skipper.

What is the difference between a captain and a skipper?

captain can lead his team member and skipper can tell to his team to achieve his work and support to his team work with all equipments.

What is a group of baseball people?

A group of baseball people is a team. A team includes the players, the managers, the coaches, the owners, etc.A group of baseball people may be a league, which is a group of teams.

What are the responsibilities of managers?

Managers are responsible for overseeing a team or group of employees. Managers usually hold team meetings and assign tasks and responsibilities to team members.

What do you call the Captain of a cricket team?

Captain or Skipper

How do managers and general managers know who they should sign for their baseball team?

Well they have scouts all over the country (and even some other countries) looking for players.

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In baseball Why are coaches called skippers?

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