How did man united do this season?

Updated: 10/13/2022
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2008/2009, they won the FIFA Club world cup, the Carling Cup, semi finalist in the FA Cup, on course to win the Premier League and in the final of the Champions League. So pretty good this season.

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Q: How did man united do this season?
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Who as had most penalties man united or man city this season?

Manchester united

Who is Top goalscorers at man you in 1 season?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest single-season scorer for Man United

Is Manchester United playing FA this season?

Manchester United is playing a few different times in the FA this season. They are playing Leicester City on the 21st, Man United on the 27th and Man United again on the 5th of October.

How many red cards did man united players get this season?

Manchester United has already got three red cards this season.

When did man united last go down?

Manchester United were last relegated in the 1973/4 season.

Who will wear jersey 7 next season in man united?

Antonio Valencia

Who is director of man united?

2012-2013 Season Sir Alex Ferguson 2013-2014 Season David Moyes

What is liverpools highest vscore against man united?

4-1 ......In 2008/2009 season :)

Who is the new manager of Man United?

Jose Mourinho, who is the manager for the start of the 2016-2017 season.