How did human torch die?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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I'm pretty sure that he died from a big batlle with monsters.

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Q: How did human torch die?
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When was Human Torch created?

Human Torch was created in 1961.

Is the human torch a teenage superhero?

Human Torch: yes you dumb people i kill super

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That one's a no brainer. Human torch every time.

What is the Human Torch's Fury Files Code?

The Human Torch's Fury Files Code is NB7.

Who played human torch in Fantastic Four?

Chris evens played the human torch and will play captain america in the newest marvel release

Can the Human Torch use his powers when he is submerged in water?


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About 100$..

Who plays human torch on fantastic 4?

Chris Evans

Can you have power like human torch?

No. People don't have superpowers.

Is chris evans from Fantastic Four married?

Human Torch.

When did Sidney Torch die?

Sidney Torch died on July 16, 1990, in Eastbourne, Sussex, England, UK.