How did hazrat ali die?

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Hazrat Ali died when a man named Ibn Muljim stabbed him from his back when he was offering his fajr prayers. Hazrat Imam Hussain (Hazrat Ali's son) died because he was killed by a ruthless man, yazid. He wanted to save Islam and yazid a Muslim wanted to bring bad things into the religion. Muslims are ashamed all over the world to even call him a Muslim. But he wasn't alone he had an army. he also killed the youngest army fighter. Who was only 6 months. He shot him on the throat and Baby Ali Asghar died. Many more died because of the man, like Bibi Sakina. :(

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Q: How did hazrat ali die?
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What is the name of the mosque where hazrat ali die?

Kufa mola

Is ali haider shia?

Yes Hazrat Ali ibne Abi Talib (as) name is also Haider . When Marhab who was Jew, came to fight Hazrat Ali (as) in battle of Khaiber , he challenged Hazrat Ali (as) saying that his name was Marhab and when Hazrat Ali (as) said his mother had kept his name HAIDER , marhab was shocked as he was being informed of his killing by Haider. And Hazrat Ali (as) told him to either leave the battlefield and dont fight him or become Muslim , but he fought with Hazrat Ali (as).When he attacked Hazrat Ali (as), Hazrat Ali (as) defended and in next attack Hazrat Ali (as) made him into 2 equal half pieces from head to foot and send him to Hell.

Did Hazrat Ali Darried Daughter of Hazrat Umer?


Which prophet dead in last hazrat hamza or hazrat ali?

hazrat hamza hazrat ali (peace on them) were not prophet. only Muhammad (PBUH) was prophet. but Ali (PBUH) died last. Hamza was martyred in a war.

Does Islam allow marrying the daughter of a cousin?

YES. As Hazrat Ali (RA) married Hazrat MUHAMMAD (PBUH)` s daughter, Hazrat FATIM ZAHRA . and Hazrat ALI was a cousion of HAzrat MUHAMMAD (PBUH)

Who did Mohammad support?

hazrat abu bakr ,hazrat omer, abdul mutalib, hazrat ali.

What is the height of Hazrat Ali?

Not confarm

What is Hazrat Ali famous for?

Hazrat Ali is quite famous for a few reasons. The Most significant reason that Hazrat is famous is because he is the son-in-law of the Prophet Mohammed.

When hazrat Ali asghar born?

who's HAZRAT ALI ASGAR(as) and when HE born? He was the youngest son of HAZRAT IMAM HUSSAIN(as) and he was born on 10 of Rajab 60 hijri.

How many brothers hazrat Ali had?

2 brothers hazrat jafara tayyar (a.s) and hazrat aqueel (a.s)

Who manufactured Hazrat Ali sword?


What is the name of hazrat Ali's sword?


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