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it is widely known the game football or soccer as the Americans and autralians know it, is from England.

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Q: How did football originate?
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Did Football originate in China?

American Football did not originate in China.

Where did flag football originate from?

Football or Soccerball

Did football originate from rugby?

Rugby originated from soccer (football)

Where did football first originate?


Where did football originate from?

european rugby

Where does Everton originate from?

Everton football club originate from the Liverpool district of Everton.

Did AFL football in Australia originate from Gaelic football in Ireland?


When did cardinals football team originate?


Where was football made in?

Football/soccer originate from China, but officially it started in England

Which sport did touch football originate from?

it began as an easy way of American football

What two sports did football originate from?

Soccer and Rugby

What sport did amercian football originate?

American basketball

What city did the colts football team originate in?


What did the AFC originate as?

The American Football Conference began as the American Football League. It was formed in 1970.

Where did Football's nickname Soccer originate?

It was called "association football", which then was shortened to "Assoc" which then turned to "Soccer"

Where did soccer first originate?

CHINA england it is called football there

Did Gaelic football originate in where?

Gaelic Football is one of Ireland's national sports, so it originated in Ireland.

Did Woody Hayes originate using helmet decals in college football?


Where did Australian Football League originate?

In the state of Victoria during the 1850s.

Where did soccer a popular game originate?

Football or Soccer originated in England.

Did soccer originate in India?

No India did not invent football. It was discovered in England.

What first country in Europe did football originate from?

Football in its modern from originated in England. There were many earlier local games from which it originated.

What state did the Raiders football team first originate from before California?


Where did Rugby football originate?

It originated in 1823 in Rugby School, Warwickshire. England.

Where did American football first originate?

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