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Q: How did everything as we know it today come into being?
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Why did Professor Layton accuse the girl as being a witch in the game Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney?

because the girl know everything about the book before she read it, well, you know everything that wrote on the book will come true,

How come you guys know everything?

Most of us do not know everything. However, we research the answers to help others get the information they are looking for.

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how should i know everything people come ON!

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life as we know it comes out today 25/10/10

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You can easily know when you are happy. Being happy makes everything lively and cheerful.

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To know about everything as a citizen like yourself.

How can you know everything about computer?

To know everything about the computer...Study all books on computersWrite programs for computersTest programs for computersFix programs for computersDesign and build computersFix computersRepeat ad infinitum, ad nauseum.You can come close with time, but you can not know everything.

How come you know everything?

No one person knows everything. Some people are more familiar with topics that they're interested in. Then there are others who may have general knowledge on a variety of subjects so it only appears that they know everything.

What year did pitbull form?

Pitbulls as we know today come from the late 1800s.

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Everything is harder, unless the other parent was a bad relationship, then everything is easier. Trust me, I know.

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Working together helps me becuase i dont know everything.

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