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he got worlds highest average of 99.94 in cricket

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Q: How did don bradman change cricket forever?
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How did Donald Bradman get the name The Don?

Don means the leader of something and Don Bradman was like the legend of cricket so he was the don of cricket and his first name is Don

What is don bradman's achievement?

Don bradman has highest average in test cricket. It was almost 100!!

In what sport was don bradman famous?


Why did Don Bradman retire from cricket?


Did don bradman have a coach?

Don bradman did'nt have a coach, but his maternal uncles taught him the basics of cricket, Don bradman trained himself to become a great cricketer

Who would make a better cricket captain Don Bradman Adam Gilchrist or Sachin Tendulkar?

Don Bradman

When did don bradman retired to playcricket?

Donald Bradman retired from test cricket in 1948.

How many runs did Don Bradman get?

Bradman scored 6996 runs in total in test cricket.

How old was Don Bradman when he played tennis for 2 years instead of cricket?

Don Bradman was 14 years old when he played tennis for 2 years instead of cricket.

What year did don bradman start playing cricket for Australia?

Don Bradman retired in the 1948-49 Tour of England

Who is the great player in history of cricket?

Don Bradman or W.G.grace

Why is Don Bradman notable?

Because he was an awesome cricket player ;)