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while 2 young boys started playing cricket in different parts of the world, the game cricket became famous :P

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Q: How did cricket spread in different parts of the world?
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How did cricket spread to other countries of the world?

The British Empire

Where is the game cricket from?

I think the sport cricket comes orginally from the British and began to spread around the world.

What impact did the rise and spread of Islam have on different parts of the world?

Islam spread peace, justice, equal human rights, sciences, and technologies.

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Because there is different weather in different parts of the world.

In what ways have the British influenced other parts of the world?

Christianity & Cricket

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Sikhism was started in India in the 15th century by Guru Nanak. This religion was originally spread by missionaries that were sent out to different parts of India. Today, there are about 27 million Sikhs living in different parts of the world, including North America and the United Kingdom.

How did cricket spread?

Cricket is the national game of England. The nationals of England always have been respectful to their game. That was the time when British Emperor was in each and every corner of the world. Nationals of different countries watched their game began to practise it. In this way, cricket obtained its worldwide fame.

To where did Islam spread?

Islam spread off to many other regions in the world. But it started in Mecca spreading off to parts of the world. Those other parts include. . .

How did the American Revolution spread to other parts of the world?

The American revolution spread to other parts of the world by inspiring other oppressed regions to free themselves from their rulers.

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Because different parts of the world offers different living conditions.

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The Jewish settled in may parts of the world by the Mediterranean, witch spread throughout their world.

How did cricket spread all over the world?

Dhikachikabodyguardra onesaat khoon maafgolmaalonce upon a time in mumbai

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