How did converse go global?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Q: How did converse go global?
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What are the Converse Red shoes supporting?

The Converse Red Shoes are supporting The Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Converse is part of a global partnership with (PRODUCT) RED and was created by Bono and Bobby Shiver.

What pair of converse go with everything?

no converse do not go with anything

Do Converse do sneakers for kids?

Yes Converse does make shoes for kids. To find them you can go to your local athletic store or you can go to Converse online store to buy a pair for your kids.

How do you become a converse model?

you go to the converse agency, do a few walk like things, model the shoes, and BAM you are a converse model!!! (if they like you of course)

Where could you get xx hi converse from?

you can buy them @ journeys, or go on the converse website and order them. if you go to their website you can custimize them for 5 more dollars.

Where can you design and get your own converse in Ireland?

To design and purchase one's own Converse sneakers in Ireland, it is easiest to go online to the Converse site and arrange to have the shoes shipped.

What is the converse for the sentence if you like hockey then you go to the hockey game?

converse is a shoe. you want the inverse, and you're an idiot.

What style of converse sneakers does Nick Jonas wear?

He says that they go with everything. He especially likes green Converse.

What year did converse go to stores?

the year of 2001

How did Marquis M Converse create Converse shoes?

No Chuck Taylor created converse don't believe me go on

Where can you buy neon-colored converse?

yu can go to

When was GO-Global created?

GO-Global was created in 1982.