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Guy Boucher owns an emu farm. One day, one of his emus got out of its pen. While Guy was trying to get it back in he took a nasty claw to the face.

Emus are large birds. The largest can reach up to 150 to 190 centimetres (59--75 in) in height, 1 to 1.3 metres (3.3--4.3 ft) at the shoulder. Emus weigh between 18 and 55 kilograms (40 and 121 lb Females are usually larger than males by a small amount, but substantially wider across the rump(Wikipedia)

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I have heard that it was the result of a construction accident he suffered while working in Quebec one summer. He had a brick tossed toward his face, and did not see it coming.

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Q: How did coach Guy Boucher get that scar on his face?
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