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My home town. Spfld, Massachusetts. James Naismith was a gym teacher who invented the game using peach baskets mounted to poles. He continued to develop the game as it caught on with neighborhood children. It didn't hurt that there are three colleges in the City and Springfield continues a peach basket festival during March Madness to celebrate it's birthplace. Naismith had great foresight on the game and also introduced cheerleaders to the game early on. Basketball was the first sport to host scantily clad cheerleaders because it was played indoors in the winter time. His teams cheerleaders were called the (go figure) "Peaches". And they created quite a stir when they did their act (Naismith also had an affinity for top heavy female cheerleaders). Soon the fans coined a new name for the cheerleaders; the "Melons." This also caused quite a commotion since melons had nothing to do with creation of the game and some fans (females and priests) found it offensive. But Mr. Naismith cleared it all up by explaining that many people saw the basketball itself as a melon and less like a peach. And the argument died down. Fortunately, you can still come to Springfield today and see plenty of melons and they have a big Museum shaped like a giant...melon with little nippl...lights all over it.

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Q: How did basketball became popular?
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