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During the Great Depression, Baseball did not help with the economy. During that time, baseball games were extremely cheap to attend, but the fans did not have the funds to go out and splurge on entertainment. They needed to use their money wisely and that means only on necessities, not for enjoyment.

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Q: How did baseball help the economy during the Great Depression?
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What did not increase during the great depression?

the economy

How the US economy was effected during the Great Depression?

the great depression refers to an economic downturn in the world economy. :p

What was the economy like during The Great Depression?


What is the difference with the economy today and the economy during the Great depression?

It lays eggs.

Are there parallels between the Great Depression and economic downturn today?

obviously not Economy EXTREMELY bad during the Great Depression We might be in a bad economy, but this will not become the next Great Deppression

How was the economy improved during the Great Depression in the US?

The United States economy was improved during the great depression by Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal. and it was also improved by World War II

During the 1930's the nation's economy experienced?

a great depression

What sports were popular during the Great Depression?


Were there sports during the great depression?

Baseball endured with great difficulty.

During the great depression president proposed the to improve the economy?

Roosevelt/New Deal

Did Keynes believe that the government should get involved in the economy during the great depression?


What was the economy like during World War 2 in America?

The economy went from the Great Depression to a booming economy. See related answer below.

Jobs during the Great Depression?

During the great depression, there weren't many jobs available for the people. Most lost their jobs because of the poor economy. Unemployment was at 25% to 33&.

How did American's recover from the dropped economy during the great depression?

WWII production of war materials.

This was the name of FDR's plan to rebuild the US economy during the great depression?

new deal

Who was the President who had to wait to take office while the economy floundered during the Great Depression?


How was the econemy during the book The Boy in the Striped Pajamas?

The economy was just recovering the Great Depression,

Which describes the economy of facist Germany during the great depression?

high employment with low wages

What actions did hoover take to improve the economy during the great depression?

the New Deal was tring to give the economy jobs to work with

Was the Great Depression during the Depression?

That's why it is called "the depression," because it was the biggest time of great financial hardship in the recent past. "The Great Depression" and "The Depression" are the same thing. Although, some people talk about us entering "a depression" sometimes, and they are talking about the economy now, not back then.

How was Saudi Arabia effected by the great depression?

Saudi Arabia like other countries, was greatly effected by the Great Depression. Tourism plummeted in Saudi Arabia during the Great Depression and that brought less income into the economy.

How did the Great Depression reach New Zealand?

New Zealand suffered during the Great Depression because the New Zealand economy relies largely on exports. During the depression there was no demand for any of the products we have to export, and therefore there was no circulation of money.

What was the American economy like during World War 2?

This was briefly after the Great Depression. So it wasn't so great.

Why was there a Great Depression?

The crash of the economy

What brought the us economy out of the great depression what brought the u.s. economy out of the great depression?

Mainly, it was World War II.