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they had a contest and the mayor of D.C. made the final decision

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Q: How did Washington Nationals get there name?
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What is the Washington nationals stadium name?

Nationals park

What is the city name of the whasington nationals?

The Washington Nationals are based in Washington, DC (District of Columbia).

Is Tyler Moore Washington Nationals related to Mary Tyler Moore?

No. Washington Nationals carry the name of Tyler Moore, baseball outfielder.

What is the name of the minor league team for the Washington Nationals?

Syracusa Chiefs

Why have fans of the Washington Senators never recognized the team name as the Washington Nationals?

The most likely reason is that the Senators played in the American League, and the name Nationals could have been considered somewhat confusing.

Where is the home town of the Washington Nationals?

Nationals Park in Washington DC

What was the name of the baseball team in Washington D.C.?

Originally the Washington Senators... currently the Washington NationalsThe Washington Nationals are the baseball team for Washington D.C.

What was the Washington Nationals record in 2005?

In 2005, the Washington Nationals had an 81-81record.

What was the Washington Nationals record in 2008?

In 2008, the Washington Nationals had a 59-102record.

When was Washington Nationals - NA - created?

Washington Nationals - NA - was created in 1859.

When did Washington Nationals - NA - end?

Washington Nationals - NA - ended in 1872.

What is Bryce Harper's number on the Washington Nationals?

Adam LaRoche is number 25 on the Washington Nationals.