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he qualified for them :)

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Q: How did Tom Daley get into the Olympics?
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What trophies has Tom Daley won?

in the 2012 Olympics Tom Daley has won a bronze.

What does Tom Daley do in the Olympics?

Tom is an Olympic Diver.

How many Olympics has tom Daley medals?

Tom Daley won his first Olympic medal (Bronze) at the London Olympics in 2012.

Is Tom Daley in the Olympics?

Yes, Tom competes in Diving.

Which Olympics has Tom Daley competed in?

Tom is famous for his High Diving and Synchronised Diving.

How did Tom Daley feel after the Olympics?


Did Tom Daley do the Olympics in 2004?

No, he was 8.

Is Tom Daley an athlete?

Tom Daley is an Olympic Diver and will be performing for Britain in the 2012 London Olympics.

Is Tom Daley in the 2012 Olympics?

Yes, Tom will be Diving in the London Olympics for Great Britain.

What is Tom Daley doing for the 2012 Olympics?