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1. He is extremely rich. 2. He is famous.

3. He was "The One" in Golf. Many other sports (with exeptions ofcourse) are more focused on the team as a whole or have many equally good players, but when it comes to Golf, Tiger was unarguably the best for a long time.

4. Many people find him good looking and charming. (I would argue that this isn't so important though when you have already achived wealth and fame.)

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Q: How did Tiger Woods get so many girls?
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Is Tiger Woods Chinese?

Tiger Woods is an American, however his mother Kultida is 1/4 Chinese, so technically Tiger Woods is 1/8 Chinese.

Does Tiger Woods have Native American ancestry?

Yes, Tiger Woods' father Earl Woods was 1/4 Native American, so Tiger is 1/8 Native American.

How many coaches does Tiger Woods have?

He only has one, Hank Haney. He used to be with Butch Harmon but the two fell out. Some criticised Tiger Woods for leaving Butch, a coach which he had so much success with.

Does Tiger Woods like his job?

very much so !

What did Tiger Woods do that was so remarkable?

he is a fat ugly bum

How does golf affect the world?

Tiger woods plays it so its bad

Where can one find videos of the longest Tiger Woods golf swing?

This question is a bit hard to answer. There should be videos of Tiger Woods longest golf swings on YouTube or Metacafe. Tiger Woods has won about 17 World Golf Championships, so he is really good at golf!

How many peapole has Tiger Woods met?

Both fans and the media all want to meet him. So he must have net them in thousands.

What is Tiger Woods' political affiliation?

Tiger Woods rarely talks about politics. However he did make a speech at President Obama's inauguration. So you could say Democrat or maybe you couldn't who knows.

Why is eldrick thon woods known as Tiger Woods?

because when eldrick's father was in the military, earl (eldrick's dad) had a friend named Tiger, tiger saved earls life. so out of graditude earl gave his son that name as a nickname

Highest earning sports persons in all of sports?

Tiger Woods the golf player because he is involved in so many commercials and advertisements.

What is Tiger Woods favorite son?

He has one son, Charlie Axel, so I think it is him.