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Q: How did Thomas Peebles invent cheerleading?
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Did Thomas Peeble invent Cheerleading?


Who was the founder of cheerleading?

Thomas Peebles introduce the idea of organized cheerleading, but it did not become "official"until Johnny Cambell started it in 1898 at the University of Minnosota.

When did Thomas C. Peebles die?

Thomas C. Peebles died in 2010.

When was Thomas C. Peebles born?

Thomas C. Peebles was born in 1921.

How did cheerleading come into existence and how large is the current population following?

It came into existence by a guy named Thomas Peebles who took a yell during a football game. Cheerleading is Increasing greatly. There are more and more people taking part.

When was the sport of cheerleading invented?

In the late 1890's Thomas Peebles of Princeton University recorded the first cheer. Cheerleading was officially founded in 1898 when Thomas Peebles brought cheelreading to the University of Minnesota and Johnny Campbell. At the U of M Johnny Campbell got the credit with 5 other students for being the first cheerleading squad in America.

Where did he invent cheerleading?

cheerleading was invented to cheer on the team and pump up the cowd.

Why did he invent cheerleading?

To support his team, and encourage spirit

Why did people invent cheerleading?

To keep the basketball players wanting to play. That's probably why.

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