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Q: How did Teresa Edwards contribute to her sport?
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When was Teresa Edwards born?

Teresa Edwards was born on 1964-07-19.

What age was Teresa Edwards when she started playing basketball?

how old was teresa edwards when she started playing basketball?

Where was Teresa Edwards raised?


Do Teresa Edwards basketball player have any biological kids?


What female played for 1996 US Olympic team?

Teresa Edwards made her 4th olympic appearance in 1996Even though, she is not first, Lisa Leslie is worth mentioning whe you talk about 4 Olympics GOLDS.

Who was the first female player to play basketball in 5 Olympics?

Teresa Edwards

What female basketball player is the first to play on the Olympic team?

its Teresa Edwards

When Mother Teresa was younger was she in a sport?

Mother Teresa was always a bit frail of health and was not a participant in sports.

Who holds the record for most Olympic medals won in basketball?

Teresa Edwards, USA

Female basketball player to ever play on 4 olympic teams?

Lisa Leslie and Teresa Edwards.

What female professional basketball player is the first to ever to play in four olympic teams?

Teresa Edwards

Who holds the record as both the youngest and the oldest Olympic gold medalist in Woman's basketball?

Teresa Edwards