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Q: How did Sir Steve Redgrave train for the Olympics?
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Where did Sir Steve Redgrave train for the Olympics?

buckingham palace

How many Olympics gold medals has sir Steve redgrave won?


What is sir Steve Redgrave nationality?

Sir Steve Redgrave's nationality is British .

When did Steve redgrave join the olympics?

Sir Steve Redgrave, as he is now known as he has been knighted, first entered the Olympics in 1984 and went onto win Gold Medals for five consecutive times. The 1984 Olympics were held in the American of Los Angeles.

When did sir Steve redgrave retire?

Soon after the 2000 olympics, when he won his 5th consecutive gold he retired professionally

Is sir Steve redgrave dead?


How old is sir steve redgrave?


What is sir Steve redgrave olympic sport?

A Rower

Does Sir Steve Redgrave have any siblings?


When was Sir Steve Redgrave married?

In 1988, not sure of the date.

What event did sir steve redgrave his meadels?

55 volley ball

How many olympic medals did sir steve redgrave win?