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He was just simply one of the most capped and trusted player of the team leading him to the role.

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Q: How did Ryan Nelson become captain of the NZ soccer team?
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Who is the nz captain of the soccer team?

The captain is Ryan Nelson.

Who is the captain of the all whites?

Ryan nelson

What captain for the world cup?

Ryan nelson is 2010 captain for all White.

Who is the captin of the all whites soccer team?

Ryan Nelson

Who is the captian of blackburn soccer?

The captain of Blackburn Rovers is Ryan Nielson, he Comes from New Zealand.

How tall is Ryan James Nelson?

Ryan James Nelson is 5' 6".

Is Ryan giggs good at soccer?

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Who is the captin of Manchester united?

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What is Ryan Nelson's salary in dollars?

what is Ryan nelsens salary

When did Ryan nelson become all whites captain?

Hi, Ryan Nelson's debut for New Zealand All Whites was in 1999. He did not play for New Zealand from 2004-2008. He captained the NZ U-23 squad for their first appearance at the Olympics as one of the 3 over-aged players. Nelson captained the New Zealand Football Team, the All Whites when they qualified for the 2010 Football World Cup. Hope this helped :)

How much does Ryan Nelson get paid in one game of soccer?

About 6000 pound per minute of every game, so about 1200 pound a game

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When was Thomas Ryan - soccer - born?

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When was Ryan Moore - soccer - born?

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Who is a better soccer player Wayne Rooney or Ryan Giggs?

Ryan Giggs is a better soccer player.

How long has Ryan giggs been captain for?

Ryan Giggs isn't the Manchester United captain. He may captain once or twice as a temporary captain, however he isn't the real captain.

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Ellie Ryan

When was Ryan O'Neill - American soccer - born?

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When was Ryan James Nelson born?

Ryan James Nelson was born on January 5, 1990, in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, USA.

Who is the highest paid New Zealand sportsman?

I would say it is now highly likely to be Ryan Nelson, All Whites captain and recently transferred to Tottenham Hotspur

What school did Ryan nelson go to?

st marys

What is Ryan Nelson's email address?

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The ryan nelson specie