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He got WAYY too many hits to his head and that's why he suffers from brain damage. Plus it could have affected his vision and hearing. Do not box. It's gay.

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Q: How did Muhammad ali suffer from brain and nerve damage?
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What causes your head to shake?

stress or a damage nerve in the brain.

How do you prevent brain damage in nerve agent victims?

Diazepam is a drug used to protect nerve agent victims from brain damage. Pyridostigmine Bromide (PB) is only approved for the pre-treatment of exposure to a nerve agent , it enhances the effectiveness of treatments after exposure.

Damage to cochlea brain auditory nerve can cause what?

sensorineural hearing loss.

Can neuropathy go to the brain?

Neuropathy can affect the brain. It can damage the cranial nerves that lead out of the brain. The cranial nerves, except for cranial nerve II which is the optic nerve, are a part of the peripheral nervous system.

Can you get nerve damage from chewing your cheeks on mdma?

You can get all kinds of nerve and brain damage from MDMA. Chewing the inside of your cheeks can cause a host of problems as well, including infections and mouth cancer.

Can diabetic medicine cause brain damage?

no, if this happen most or all diabetic people will die A lot of drugs can cause nerve damage. I would check with or for the side effect of a drug -- there are many. I know that the high blood sugar associated with diabetes causes nerve damage, but I'm not heard about it being so bad it would affect the brain. I've only heard of nerve damage of the brain coming from chemotherapy drugs -- the damage is called chembrain and there are clincial trials showing that.

Is any cure for cerebral palsy?

Not at this time. This condition is caused by brain and nerve damage and these structures do not regenerate.

Can nerve damage lead to brain damage?

Autonomic neuropathy is associated with the following:Alcoholic neuropathyDiabetic neuropathyDisorders involving scarring and hardening (sclerosis) tissuesGuillain Barre syndrome or other diseases that inflame nervesHIV and AIDSInherited nerve disordersParkinson's diseaseSurgery or injury involving the nervesUse of anticholinergic medications

What happens to the brain when a nerve breaks?

What happen to brain if brain nerve break

How does gabapentin work?

Gabapentin is a prescription drug given to people that suffer from epilepsy. The drug works by blocking nerve signals in a persons brain.

Do narcissists have heat sensitivity brain damage or any kind of nerve problems?

There is no known brain damage connected with narcissism. As a personality disorder it may cause distress within oneself or dysfunction in relationships with others.

What drugs do to your head?

drugs block the nerve impulses in the brain ---- Answer: It depends on the drug, some drugs "makes your brain sleep" while others do permenant damage.