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in her elegance and listening to the music

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Q: How did Michelle kwan need to improve to become a senior skater?
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How did Michelle kwan had to improve in order to be a senior skater?

How did Michelle Kwan have to improve in order to be a senior skater

Michelle decision to become a senior skater is good one?


What age did Michelle Kwan become a senior ice skater?

12 or 13 i believe

How did Michelle kwan have improve in order to compete as a senior skater?

by practicing for more than 2 hours everyday

How did Michelle kwan have to improve to become a senior skater?


Who was Michelle kwan's favorite figure skater?

Michelle Kwan was inspired to become a figure skater at age 5 in 1985 by her older brother Ron. He played on a local hockey team.

What is Michelle Kwan's occupation?

Michelle kwan's occupation was being a top level figure skater but rumors say she is as of last fall she is the Senior adviser for public diplomacy and public affairs.

Why did Michelle Kwan go against her coach's wills?

she knew that she could become a good skater, she believed!

Is Michelle trachtenberg a figure skater?

No, No, No. Coming from a real figure skater

What Michelle in Korean?

Michelle kwanz? The figure ice skater?

What Michelle Kwan do before she was a skater?

Before Michelle Kwan was a skater she liked to watch her older brother Ron play hockey with his team.

What is Michelle Kwan know for?

Michelle Kwan is known for being a figure skater.