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Q: How did Michelle Kwan make an impact on the world?
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Did Michelle kwan make an impact on others lives'?

she was the best skater

At what did Michelle Kwan start ice skating?

Your question doesn't make sense... so here are a few FAQs that may help.Q. When did Michelle Kwan start ice skating?A. Michelle Kwan started ice skating when she was 7 years old.Q. Why did Michelle Kwan start ice skating?A. She became influenced when she saw her sister ice skating.[Answers may vary]

What contributions did Michelle kwan make?

she won a silver medal at the 1998 winter olympics

Who is Michelle Kwon?

Michelle Kwan is a Profesional Figure Skater. She has had a majer impact on the ice-skating world and on all who watch her! Michelle Wing Kwan was born on July 7, 1980 is Torrance California to Danny and Estella Kwan. Living in China up until 1971, Mr. and Mrs. Kwan came to the United States over a course of four years, Mrs. Kwan not arriving until 1975. Michelle was the youngest of three children having a brother and sister, Ron age 4 and Karen age 2. The sisters where very close. At the age of five and seven, Michelle and Karen were excited to learn to skate after watching their brother who played hockey. After imploring their parents to let them participate in group lessons Mr. and Mrs. Kwan agreed. Michelle caught on right away! After six months of taking lessons an observer that saw Michelle and Karen skate told their parents they thought the blossoming sisters were good enough to take private lessons, but private lessons took a lot more money than group lessons. Michelle started dreaming of becoming a figure skater while watching the 1988 Olympics on TV and at age seven she won her first competition. Confidently, their instructor told Mr. and Mrs. Kwan that the girls had learned all they could there and they should go to an official training center that would cost even more money! Mr. Kwan decided to move his family in with their grandparents to pay for the lessons. Michelle was excited to be training again after nine trying months of just practicing on her own but she was extremely thankful for all the sacrifices their family had made the girls! Michelle Kwon, not Kwan, is a girl who works at Safeway CPS in West Sacramento. She is known to make stuff up and get people fired, be careful around this chick unless you are her ally- she is easily intimidated and will do anything from manipulating to lying to keep her job and not let the truth be known that she is incapable of doing her job without using people.

What impact did Lego make on the world?


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with her voice

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she pooped

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What is Michelle's favorite hobby?

Michelle Obama's favorite activites is gardening,changing the world,and working out for,inspiring kids to be who they are and make positive decisions

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It gave the world a new computer type.

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Cleopatra had a great impact on the world of her time.

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Through music

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Michelle obama's favorite activites is gardening,changing the world,and working out for,inspiring kids to be who they are and make positive decisions

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Christopher Columbus did not have an impact on Canada, BUT he did make an impact to america by opening the way to the new world .

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alex love perla

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penicillin rabies vaccine and pasteurization

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Impact - a fine choice of words - He calculated the trajectory of cannon balls shot from canons.

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