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He doesnt somebody threaten to kill him.

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Q: How did Michael Phelps start using tobacco?
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Where do young people start using tobacco?

They start tabacco in parties, parking lots, and ect.

Why would people start using tobacco?

they might start because their family or friends did or maybe cuz everybody else does

When do most people who become addicted to tobacco start using it?

In early to mid-late teens.

What are the unhealthy effects of using smokeless tobacco?

What are the unhealthy effects of using smokeless tobacco

How can using tobacco impact the social life of a tobacco user?

By jizzing

How can using tobacco impact the social life of tobacco users?

By jizzing

How many teenagers try tobacco products every day?

Because some teenagers try tobacco products, quit using tobacco products, and keep using tobacco products,there is no exact number.

A sentence using the word unstinting?

From the start, Michael was unstinting in his professional and personal generosity.

How fast does Michael Phelps swim in miles per hour?

It depends on the stroke and the distance, but using the fastest stroke over the shortest distance (freestyle over 100m), Phelps' record is 47.51 seconds. This equates to around 4.7 mph - brisk walking pace.

Why did American colonies start using African slaves?

The colonies used slaves as a cheep source of labor to grow tobacco and sugarcane.

What are the bruises and marks on Michael Phelps back?

Michael Phelps has been using a type of alternative medicine called cupping. Various methods are used to suction a cup to the body, and the cup pulls circles of flesh up into it. The method is said to remove toxins and tension from the body, however, it leaves large hickey type bruises that can last for a few weeks.

What are some sicknesses you could get from tobacco?

Buccal and bronchial siknesses are common in people using tobacco.

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