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He didnt

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Q: How did Michael Jordan help African American rights?
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What has the author Vernon E Jordan written?

Vernon E. Jordan has written: 'Make it plain' -- subject(s): African American lawyers, African American orators, African American political activists, African Americans, Biography, Civil rights, Civil rights movements, History, National Urban League, Oratory, Political aspects of Public speaking, Public speaking 'Vernon can read!'

When was the African American rights movement?

The African-American Civil Rights Movement(1955-1968)

Name an African American who fought for civil rights?

wich african american fought for civil rights

What were African American rights?

What rights were given to African-Americans wright/type what YOU think.

Who was Malcome X?

He was an African American human rights activist. He fought for the rights of African Americans

Did African American slaves have rights to money?


This famous African American is a poet historian author and civil rights activists?

this famous African American is a poet,historian,author,and civil-rights activist.

Who is Mary McLeod Bethune?

She was an African-American educator and civil rights leader who is best known for opening a school for African-American girls in Daytona Beach, Florida. Also fought for the rights of African-American women.

Did American attitudes about African American civil rights really change by 1870?


How did Michael Jordan join the NBA?

Michael Jordan joined the NBA by being drafted third overall out of North Carolina to a team who immediately traded his rights to the Chicago Bulls.

Who was the mother of civil rights?

Rosa parks was the mother of civil rights. She belived in African American's rights.

What victories did the civil rights movement have?

For African American people everywhere to get equal rights.

What states had the most incidents of racial injustices during the African American's Civil Rights movement?

African American's in the civil war African American's in the civil war

Why did the African American civil rights movement end?


What groups fought to protect African-American rights?


What did NOT restrict voting rights of African American's after 1867?


Was the African American Civil Rights Movement successful?


What rights did African American slaves have?

Not as many rights as white people WHATCHA dooiiin They were considered property and, as such, had no rights.

Why did they fight for during the civil rights movement?

For the rights for equality among African American's to whites.

What has the author Jervis Anderson written?

Jervis Anderson has written: 'The meaning of our numbers' -- subject(s): March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, Washington, D.C., 1963, Civil rights, African Americans 'This was Harlem' -- subject(s): African Americans, Civilization, History 'Bayard Rustin' -- subject(s): Biography, African Americans, History, African American civil rights workers, Nonviolence, African American pacifists, Civil rights, African American gay men, Civil rights movements, Civil rights workers, Afro-American pacifists, Afro-Americans

What impact did African American youth have on the civil rights movement?

They eventually realized that minorites on levels that may occur as being adolesence had the ability to be civil on the rights of African American movement.

Did vigilante help to advance the struggle for African American rights?


What african-american civil rights were gained before the 1960s?


When did the African American civil rights movement end?

It ended in 1968

Organization promoting African-American rights?

National urban league